Top 7 Women Empowering Movies

We all need a little confident boost. There are many things you can do, go to a spa, get a manicure but my favorite thing to do is watch a good movie. Here are my top 7 women empowering movies.

7. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Clarice takes a case where horrible crimes are inflicted upon women. She puts herself in dangerous situations even when she is deadly scared. In the end, she powers through and catches the bad guy.

6. Chicago (2002)


These ladies prove that men are not irreplaceable (or untouchable) Taking it to the extreme by killing them. But you can’t help feeling inspired by these women and feel their power!

5. The Sex and the City movie (2008)


If you have watched The Sex and the City series, you know everything about being single and chasing a guy who never truly wants you. The Sex and the City movie shows you how strong a friendship can be and no matter how a guy treats you, you are beautiful who can achieve anything you want.

4. Mulan (1998)


Mulan is living a man world. She is destined to be married and have kids but this kung fu chick goes into the army pretend to be her father. She shows us that women can achieve the same physics and intelligent as a man.

3. Legally Blonde (2001)


As a blond woman, this film really gets to me. Elle Woods is a queen for me. She shows you that no matter what your looks are, you can be who you wanna be. No one is gonna get under your skin.

2. Kill Bill (2003)

Uma Thurman in Kill Bil Vol 2

Besides that, she is a thirsty killer looking for revenge. Beatrix kicks some ass in this movie! She takes every man or women that get in her way.

1. The Hunger Games (2013)


The one and only! The brave older sister Katniss takes her little sister place in a fight to the death. She has a lot of tenderness over her, but with a bow and arrow, she is one tough woman. She achieves to show every side of her personnel and it is beautiful in every way.

Hope you enjoyed my list! Leave a comment and tell me what you think 😍


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