Dreams and Affiliate marketing advice

It has been a very long time since I’ve been writing. When you are self-employed you have to expect a certain kind of pressure of what the next salary is gonna be. Mine have been getting smaller every month but that doesn’t stop me. I have a goal by the end of next year I will haveMy dream is to create my own Webshop with my own clothing line. So I am working to the fullest to make that happen.

In the last year, I have grown and learned so much about the business world and how cruel it can be to you, especially the affiliate world. By being an affiliate publisher.

Affiliate companies will try every scam in the book. They will try to make your payout less and sometimes not even pay you. You can prevent that by making a contract with the company that you are working for.

Some affiliate companies will make you pay an amount of money before you start so they can teach how to make money on affiliate marketing. NEVER pay them! All the knowledge they will give you. You can learn that from google.

So always do a background check on an affiliate company before you start working for them, cause it can cost you a lot of money if they end up not paying you.

If any of you got any question feel free to ask!

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