Review: NYX Contour & Highlight on Fleek

After a long and tense wait, I have received NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Palette from Cocopanda.

At first, I thought it was cream colours but I was quite wrong. I can say that it has been my lifesaver instead of having 8 different colour powder, I just have a full palette of all the colours I need! I am not very brown but I am sure that if you are 3-4 shades darker than me the colours still match your skin tone. And the best part is, you can change the colours if you now run out (especially the amazing highlighter). It’s just been moved up to the top 5 favourite makeup products.

In the package, I also received NYX Highlight And Contour Wonder Stick Universalwhich is a huge disappointment. The Contour end is alright but1 not great. Then the highlighter end is really bad! It sparkles too much and the consistency is so fluent that it moves doing the day. I really can’t see the point of this product.


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