Celebrity Naked Trend / Is it alright?

Has it become a trend for the celebrities to flash their penis while on vacation? Because we are seeing so many big Hollywood stars doing it! It is not the first time for Justin Bieber to flash his thing… and now is Orlando Bloom doing is while sailing with his lady Katy Perry.

The reason for this post is because I have seen a lot of people comment on these photos after they were realized, saying that it is not alright to take these photos of them and the paparazzi should leave them alone. But why is it not ok? they are the ones who are naked in the public. A lot of regular people have been caught, being naked in the public and then it has gone viral on the internet. Of course, I know that the paparazzi is stalking the celebrities but when they chose the Hollywood life, they know what they signed up for. I am not big fan of any kind of people walking naked in the public (Only nudist places) So to me they should cover up and keep it at home or at a nudist place.

(I do not own the rights to these images) Leave a comment with your thoughts about it!


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