8 Things you will love about Dubai

Soon I am leaving Dubai. There are so many things that I’m gonna miss about Dubai, it is a place of wonders. So if any of my readers are thinking about visiting, here are 8 things you will love about Dubai!

  1. Winter or summer it is always HOT in Dubai! The only bad weather you can experience is sandstorm or it is too hot to stay outside. Who doesn’t love good weather?

2. Have a bad headache? No problem, I just have aspirin delivered. You can have anything delivered at any time and the delivery fee is free! So amazing.

3. You never have to walk or bicycles. A taxi is so cheap that it doesn’t make any sense it is something that you get used too fast.

4. Clean public bathrooms! No matter if you are at a bar or restaurant, the bathrooms are always spotless in Dubai

5. Dubai is the land of good service and quality. You can always expect an excellent service no matter where you go. If it is a cheap or expensive restaurant, it doesn’t matter the service quality is always at its best.

6. Not lifting a finger. Having a maid on full time is normal in Dubai. So you don’t walk or clean? I have never had so much time on my hand and it is pretty lovely.

7. The food choices. Dubai is very international and has a variety of Café’s and restaurants, from Chinese to American. So you can get a taste of a new culture every day.

8. The sight! One huge thing I’m gonna miss is the beauty of Dubai city. The clean streets and the lights from towers. It is so beautiful, then more you can imagine!

I hope that it gave an image of wonderful Dubai! I can highly recommend it☀😍




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