Three Malls in Dubai you MUST see!

Dubai is a land of wonder. I have lived here for over a week, and I am starting to love the country. This homesick I had is almost gone. One of the many things I love about Dubai is their colossal shopping center. Their service is also very different than in Denmark (Where I come from). If you go into a store, then I have a staff that only services me! Although, it may be too much sometimes.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall ranks first. It is the largest shopping center in the world, with 1,200 stores. You can find everything from American to Japanese brands, they have even Vero Moda! They also have many different attractions. They have incredible many fast foods, Cafés and restaurants. They have all the major fast food chains.

The only negative with Dubai Mall, it seems impossible to shop there because it’s so huge.

Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is also a great center with almost as many outlets as Dubai Mall. What is so great about this center is that they have a huge supermarket-sized grocery store, but better. They have everything from a fishmonger, butcher, greengrocer and everyday goods. The second is that they have indoor ski! Myself have not tried it, but it is top of the list.

Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall is perfect if you can’t face a huge shopping center. It contains lots of good clothes shops and fast food places. So if you can’t take the longest shopping trip the center is perfect for you!

Hope that this shopping center guide can help you!


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